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Improve the health of your community and church


The Optimize Your Brain™ program is a DVD and workbook series created to maximize intellectual and emotional intelligence. Whether used privately in the home, small groups in the community, or the classroom, this peak mental performance series will help prepare your brain to improve its capacity to retain and apply knowledge. Join Dr. Neil Nedley in this six-part series recorded in front of a live audience. In each session, you’ll explore ways to achieve peak mental performance, learn strategies to help develop and strengthen the frontal lobe, and discover insights that will lead to an optimized brain.

  • Improve and manage relationships successfully
  • Significantly increase your capacity to learn, retain, and apply knowledge
  • Develop originality that is useful to others
  • Set and achieve high goals
  • Enhance creativity
  • Increase motivation
  • Improve self control
  • Boost overall life satisfaction
  • Rediscover a sense of purpose
  • Eliminate brain fog


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"This class helped me so much at a time when I was having anxiety. I would definitely recommend this program to anyone looking to improve their mental and emotional health."

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